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Brian Haff

Operations Director

I'm coming at you with 20 years of experience in call center management, senior leadership, operations management, project management, training, and quality assurance. My leadership style is to make it a team custom to focus on what serves “the customer” best, the customer being both our client and our client’s client.

Side note: I once started my very own brewery in Boise, super challenging in its own right, but the “benefits” were outstanding. During winter months you can find me snowboarding, as an old washed up sponsored snowboarder. In the summer you will find me biking or running impossibly difficult trail races and Spartan obstacle course races.


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Kay Walter

Human Resources Director

I describe myself as a “people professional with street cred.” My early career as a firefighter/paramedic provided me a great foundation as a leader with a strong desire to help people. I face challenges with a fearless, pioneering spirit and I have a story for every experience. Yes, I’ll share.

I have a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and have taught MBA classes. I am a lifelong learner, and I understand people are on journeys. If you want to know about my personal journey, just ask.


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Stacey Pense

IT & Facilities Manager

Offering a comprehensive background as an IT and Facilities Manager and effectively partnering with clients to enhance client satisfaction while effectively meeting and exceeding stated business objectives. I have many years of experience in the contact center industry with a wide variety of tasks. In addition I have also worked for a major Corporate Real Estate Management Company on elite accounts such as Microsoft. I bring world class service to each client.

My daily focus is to bring technology and first-class service to all customers, while being cost effective and earth friendly.


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Bachchi Samahon-Oumar

Head of Finance

I’m responsible for all financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, analysis and cash flow planning for ProService. I’m like a navigator who also keeps tabs on how much gas is in the tank.

I previously worked for Critical Process Systems Group as their Director of Financial Reporting, Chief Financial Officer at Syringa Networks and Washington Group International in their heavy civil construction group. I graduated from the University of Montana (UM) with an undergraduate degree in Financial Management, an MBA and a Master’s degree in Accounting.

I’m the president and one of the founding members of the Treasure Valley CFO Forum. And in the state of Idaho, I can—but won’t—do your taxes or audits. Instead, I entertained and educated accounting students, as an adjunct professor, at Boise State University for six years. And, more importantly, I am one of those CPAs with an outgoing dynamic personality.


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Michael Wood

Workforce Optimization Manager

Someone needs to oversee the optimization of the workforce: scrutinize schedules, futz with forecasting, manage metrics, report, review and tinker with tasks in between. That’s my opportunity with ProService, to watch over and guide the workforce management department in our efforts to be efficient and maximize workforce resources.

In my off time, I dabble in photography, peruse only the best books, make a little music and spend an untempered amount of time with 11 little people that call me grandpa.


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Amber Parks

Executive Assistant

As an executive assistant you must have excellent organizational and multitasking skills to execute the daily operations of a company, competencies I honed most for years as the Assistant to the CEO and President of Scentsy.  Here at ProService I’m the Executive Assistant to the CEO—a former West Point economics professor and strategy advisor for the U.S. Military. In other words, the above-mentioned skills are in play by a factor of 10.


I’m also a wife, a mom, and a grandma. Between my husband and I we have five adult children and six grandbabies. I love spending time with my husband and family. In my spare time, I am currently in the process of writing my story, to share with all on how to escape all forms of abuse and learn to live a free and victorious life.



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Jason Thach

Account Manager

I’m a former Marine who has had the pleasure of serving my country and the benefit of utilizing my service to earn a bachelor’s degree in economics at Cal State Fullerton. As lovely as Southern California was, it just wasn’t affordable for a young family starting out. So when I landed in job in Boise in July of 2017, we headed east and never looked back.

I have an appreciation of systems and organizational leadership that make my role at ProService a perfect fit for me. Since relocating to Boise I completed the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt course through Villanova University and I currently am in my 7th MBA class at Boise State University. Hobbies include sport shooting, reloading, hunting, reading, cooking, and CrossFit. You can find me at Boise Crossfit regularly getting my sweat on.


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Jason Thomas

Assistant Account Manager

I joined ProService in 2014 and since the beginning I have tried to walk the line of being part friend, part mentor and part leader to every team member every day. We all need a balance between empathetic engagement and bottom-line accountability. The more we make both of those happen, the more successful we’ll be. I’ve got over 20 years of call center experience.

While away from work I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughters. They balance sports with arts, so I’m often cheering them on at their games or watching one of their concerts or recitals.


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Jonathan Bynam

Assistant Account Manager

I am the bridge between the client's expectations and the customer service we provide. With a team of skilled and insightful agents, we are able to accomplish great things. For me it’s all about understanding client needs and communicating those needs proactively to the team.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and watching college football.


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Dan White

Account Manager

I support all aspects of customer care from phone support to back office. It’s the perfect way to use my business degree from Boise State University.

I have grown up in Idaho and love everything the state offers. Some things I love doing in my spare time are camping, backpacking, snowboarding, downhill mountain biking—basically, anything that gets the adrenaline going. I love being a part of the team here at ProService, because people genuinely care about your growth and success.


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Amberly Smith

Account Manager

I have a degree in Organizational Communication and a background in the nonprofit sector. I love building new processes that proactively present solutions. My clients see me as a thought partner. With over 15 years of experience in all types of call centers, I bring a rich and agile skillset to our management team.


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Yolie Salinas

Account Manager

I have over 20 + years in customer service , including leadership. My main task is to work closely with my Customer Champions, department heads and the client to ensure a successful season every season.

All that happens with coaching, developing and recognizing employees through positive communication and feedback. If works not fun, then it’s just work.

My personal time focuses on traveling, spending time with my wonderful family, shopping and doing some gambling in the beautiful state of Nevada.


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