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We Help Businesses Scale

You may be trying to grow your business without blowing up your bottom line. You may have a company that you’ve been nurturing since its beginnings, and you’re ready to hand some of it off so that you’re free to focus on what matters. We’ve been there, and we’ve helped other companies get there too.

Today, ProService is run by our dynamic leader and CEO, Mick Wiskerchen, who uses his background in management and service to establish the systems and real live customer support that offer other companies affordable capacity and scalability. Today, we provide reliable backend support to keep your business running seamlessly, whether you’re high-growth, need to add back-office capacity, or are in the midst of seasonal overload.

Here’s how we do it.


  • We hire experienced customer service reps with technical understanding and friendly focus
  • We train our hires to be experts in your brand, your industry, and your products (and we can do it fast! -like, really fast).
  • We rehire experienced customer service reps with technical understanding and friendly focus who performed well in seasonal work environments.
  • We recruit and develop empathetic professionals who can relate to your customers and embody your brand.
  • We keep our talent happy. ProService was an honorable mention in the Idaho’s Best Places to work in Idaho for 2018.

Shape Shifting

In the halls and offices of ProService, we see ourselves as—and call ourselves—chameleons. We shape shift as needed per brand, per industry, per business need. We use a proprietary vetting process to make sure our entire team, whether they are seasonal support or long-term C-level and mid management, possess the ability to adapt to the situation at hand—your situation.

Location Location Location

Let’s face it, California is pretty, New York is exciting, insert your favorite destination and description here … Yet all those locations can be cost prohibitive to do business. Founded in the Treasure Valley and operating in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, ProService has access to one of America’s top worker pools. Our location is home to reasonable costs of living, reputable universities and cultured professionals, the most critical ingredients for an optimal workforce. Come visit! You just may love it here.

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