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We get what your customer wants

ProService Boise supports large corporations, medium and small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. Each of these entities, across any industry, is faced with the common challenge of scaling up: to never bring a brand down.

Our expertise begins with customer service, the bloodline of all business endeavors. Our services include whatever it takes to optimize your customers’ experience with your product, your service, and your infrastructure. Whether you are looking for someone to take over all customer service capabilities or someone to manage a special project like a charity drive, ProService is able and ready to help.

We got your back

When a business is growing fast or trying to scale up, back end support can be challenging. We help businesses scale with the following core competencies:

Customer Care Leadership

“Care” … “Leadership” … These are not empty words for us. We hire empathetic professionals with experience in customer service to make sure your customer knows someone cares. We are a service and thought leader on this topic and have developed systems that help us embody your brand and provide seamless service to the customers who are your bread and butter.

Training and Development

We start with a proprietary system of staffing and support that allows for scalability. We mix in experienced customer service professionals, many of whom are repeat hires who have worked for us seasonally and garnered top-notch service scores. We top it all off with the concept of the chameleon, a species able to change its color based on the environment it inhabits. In the same way, we look for a talent base that prides themselves on embodying each brand they represent.

“Working with PSB has been an awesome experience. They've been integral partners in scaling our department and building our brand, as well as keeping our customers and our agents excited and engaged!”
- Man Crates

Quality Assurance

Our experience is in optimizing the customer experience. It’s not just where our expertise lies. It’s where we invest in system and process to evaluate your customer’s happiness with our service.

IT Infrastructure

The “pro” in ProService refers to the proprietary systems we have in place to ensure seamless brand embodiment. Your customer should never know we exist. We are chameleons here too, and customize our IT infrastructure to seamlessly suit your needs.

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